Common Sense, Compassionate, Conservative Causes

New Mexico House of Representatives District 23

Create Westside Jobs 
Improve & Expand Infrastructure 
Keep Our Families Safe
Reduce the Criminal Element in Albuquerque 
Protect Life & Liberty 
Reform Public Education 

About Ellis

Ellis McMath, born in Albuquerque, is familiar with issues that affect New Mexico both urban and rural. As a retired Albuquerque Reserve Police Officer he is familiar with what makes criminals fear. Ellis knows what it will take to make us safe. Ellis McMath is currently certified by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety as a Concealed Carry Instructor.

Ellis has a passion to see that our children receive a good education by giving parents a greater say in school choice. 

Ellis McMath is a Navy Veteran, former New Mexico State University Commercial Pilot and retired FAA Air Traffic Controller.  He states, “I am dedicated to common sense, compassionate, conservative causes".  He supports second amendment rights, right to life, and more personal freedom by less taxes. He further states, "I am against government overreach and progressive socialist ideals".

Ellis McMath has for 14 years been actively involved in the leadership of non-profit work with orphans and is a team leader at Sagebrush Church.  He has actively participated in Dan Lewis’s campaign for Mayor and Brenda Boatman’s House District race. He has also testified in legislative committees during recent sessions.



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