Trial lawyer Daymon Ely sponsors legislation that make it even harder to find good healthcare in New Mexico, making healthcare costs more expensive for all of us. 

If your healthcare costs have gone up, or you’re having a hard time getting an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist, it’s because trial lawyer politicians like Daymon Ely keep passing the most anti-doctor legislation in the country. This extreme legislation, which makes it easier to sue physicians for malpractice than any other state in the country, is why doctors are fleeing our state. Most malpractice insurance companies won’t even sell malpractice insurance to doctors in New Mexico; that’s how bad it is. 

One of the worst pieces of legislation SPONSORED by Daymon Ely was HB 629, in the 2019 General Session. 

Why would Daymon Ely make it harder for you to see a doctor? Because as the former president of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, he and his friends benefit from this legislation, making millions off of frivolous cases against good doctors. 

Ellis McMath is a retired Naval veteran and ABQ police officer. He will always fight for better access to affordable healthcare for you and your family—not payouts for wealthy lawyer friends. 

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